Friday 10 June 2011

A list for summer

Lovely Elsie over at a beautiful mess (here) has put together a list of things she will be doing this summer (here). I love lists at the best of times so what better time to write some goals and have something to aim for (whilst still allowing copious time for lounging in the sun and eating ice cream obviously :-). This summer I will:

*Finish decorating the hall – this has been going on for ages and probably should have been finished ages ago, however the project seemed to double in size when we started stripping the wall paper, it’s anaglypta and boy is it thick/still pretty stuck) that’s off now though so it’s sugar soap washing the walls & then painting in a nice neutral (all the better for hanging my many masks on...).

*Buy a new hen house for Alice & Bella plus increase the flock – Alice wasn’t very well a couple of weeks ago, and should she have gone to the great chicken coop in the sky (which thankfully she didn’t, she’s much better now yey) Bells woul have been all alone, so I’m keeping my eyes open to acquire two more vampire chickens/arucanas (and yes I do intend calling them Esme and Rosalie) and upgrading their chicken residence.

*Pass my theory exam – it’s a music theory one, but I need to pass it in order to move onto the next stage of my diploma, being held on the 18th June if you lovely readers could keep your appendages crossed that would be awesome.

*Have friends round for dinner – since the invasion of the moths (I have been asking about and apparently lots of local houses have them because of the warmth/dampness, this makes me feel slightly better), the social side of casa Rosa seems to have adopted quarantine measures (only authorised personnel in or out) before the end of summer I plan to exterminate the little blighters and have many more local friends round for a bite.

*finish the garden – this is well underway (see this post ) and with the addition of the awesome vine that Jam bought me, plus the ton of rain we’ve been having recently things are growing right to plan. Just a few little areas to tidy (got very excited as my *new* I’ve always wanted one but but now have one, passion flower has just come into bloom).

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