Wednesday 8 June 2011

Bohemian Wednesday here again

Bohemian Wednesday is here again! (the weeks seem to be going very quickly at the moment, not sure if it’s because my exam is looming). Anyway after a strong start last week, I decided to try and work in more work staples to this week’s look while retaining the bohemian spirit, the result of this experiment can be seen below, mostly the outfit was based around purples due to my fantastic new purple patterned tights (got to love them right? M&S but not cheap so am making major efforts not to ladder them).

I should (but hopefully don’t) look hung-over in this pic as we had our first extended writing is on the wall rehearsal last night (unfortunately Emily and her cello didn’t make it as in a dramatic moment her bridge split in two!). One and half hours of practicing and then another two hours down the pub of mainly chin stroking/trying to work out a group of songs to start arranging and practicing. I think Kevin’s homemade book cover sheet sums it up the current spirit quite well, it says the Tentative and almost Certainly to be replaced with Something Better TUNE AND SONG BOOK (how well he knows Sreeves and I :-)

The other reason for a little bit of celebration was that both bands (Stranger things happen at sea and the duo arrangement of writings on the wall) now have ep’s out & I got my first bit of fanmail this morning! Which I was pretty pleased about (I know I’m one of those people who likes feedback on everything so getting such nice comments was lovely). What about you readers? How is your week going?

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