Monday 13 June 2011

Stessed out woman at desk

Hello lovely readers, one of my friends has just sent me the above image and post caption with a very sweet email to ask how I'm doing. It's a good point, this weekend comes complete with the horror of my latest music theory resit, the latest rung on the ladder to becoming a fully qualified and certified music teacher (hurrah). I've been doing all I can, practicing past papers, having some intesive tuition and doing as much cramming as I can stand, but I'm still pretty worried. This exam is the one I have to pass before I can go any further, the nice 'take it as many times as you like, it doesn't really matter its an extra to your school/work exams' are over & I need to get this one before I can go any further. Eeek! I guess this is the problem when a hobby mutates slightly into a possible career (Thoughts?). Trying to not panic, get lots of sleep and not forget to eat as well as not neglecting any of the other areas of awesomeness in my life (generally in the region of Jam, the band or wood school). I've got to say I'm finding moderation quite hard at the moment. Do any of you have any tips in the week leading up to an exam? Anything that I should/shouldn't be doing? When was the last time you were stressed at a desk?

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