Friday 24 April 2009


Yes indeed, it is the play that I am am going to see tonight by the very brilliant Creation Theatre Group (, I'm very excited but I have to remind myself that unlike Love's Labours Lost Othello is pretty much 'the horror, the horror' all the way through (oh dear). The rest of the weekend at this point is looking pretty busy too, with a book shopping trip planned on Saturday (I swear the bookshop owners of Oxford know when I'm coming cause they always seem to have what I want!). This weekends main mission is to buy a smallish dictionary (for a new kind of puzzle I'm working on for the work magazine) and to get hold of this book (The Vampyre: Being the true pilgrimage of George Gordon, sixth Lord Byron by Tom Holland) which I found thanks to that wonderful institution Wikipedia (I was checking out some outrageous claims made about Byron by one of my authors, and they are alas, outrageous claims). Anyway the book brings Byron back from the dead as a vampire and apparently poet closest to my heart Percy Shelley also makes an appearance. I've nearly finished A Suitable Boy (as usual with Vikram Seth the novel gradually builds up and I'm really enjoying it now, much more than at the beginning when I was having trouble keeping up with which character was which). The book is quite a tone however so a light bit of Byronian vampire relief might be quite nice (there is a sequel as well called Supping with Panthers).

Sunday Nicola is coming round to to help with the hall. My new flatmate Dave moves in a week and it would be quite nice to have the hallway at least nearly finished by the time he arrives (I've also got to buy him a chest of drawers this weekend, scary grown up stuff buying your own furniture!). I've been doing a lot of house and garden tidying of late (which is quite handy as my parents and Kip are coming down next weekend) but there is a lot more house to clean now there is only 1 person tidying it, alas! Still I won't be alone for that much longer. Right better get back to work, the new mini football league starts this lunchtime and if its anything like usual I'll be back late from that, so time to crack on!
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