Tuesday 14 April 2009

What a weekend!

I wish I could have four day weekends all the time I would really get a lot more done. As it was however this weekend proved to be the perfect cure for my 'I'm tired, why am I tired? I feel a bit weird' -ness that has seized me of late. Friday I slept in (yey) followed by long bath in the morning. In the afternoon Nicola came round to watch the film that we've both wanted to watch, but didn't go an see at the cinema for fear we'd be the oldest there (Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging). I think I can justifiably speak for us both when I say that it was as good, if not slightly better than we had imagined (I'm a big fan of the books and it was slightly annoying that some of the characters got condensed, but hey they got the cat right :-). Before sitting down to the film baking time was declared and we made easter biscuits (which we burnt, sorry Delia), easter hot cross muffins and some choc chip scones which we then munched on the sofa.

Saturday the turkey of doom (Trish had found it in her freezer and had decided to make it into Easter Turkey after emercing it a la Nigella in a mixture of what I think was golden syrup diluted with cinnamon sticks and other random stuff chucked in as well) came round and we spent quite a few hours watching protectively over it (my oven is quite warm and as the Easter biscuits discovered to their cost you have to be quite careful :-) . The turkey survived however and came out looking perfect. Result. After that I headed off to meet Fi & Nick at the ladies night ceiligh (Mawkin were playing and have just appeared minus their clothes on the front of fRoots, so the OXFOLK committee decided to play this for all it was worth. We had cut outs from the magazine spread plastered over the walls and chocolate dipped fruit on the tables. Alas I was yet again without a partner so spent most of the evening trying to stay out of the eyeline of various scary old men (although Fi, bless her is still a bit poorly so went home with young Alex, from that point onwards I commendeered Nick and we had a great time, he's so tall no one else dared ask me to dance :-).

Sunday was mostly about the 2 lindt chocolate bunnies that I received (one from my mum and one from Mel, the one from Mel came with 4 carrotty lollypops, result!) plus I got an extra egg as well this year so felt truely spoilt. Dinner at trish's was a chaotic affair with all three of her sisters and related offspring turning up. It was really nice to be included though as I was originally supposed to be spending Easter with my parents but in the end that fell through. Yesterday Mat came round with the intention of finishing off the decorating in the hall (yes I've been avoiding it that much). But it was such a beautiful day that we stayed outdoors and did the garden instead. He tackled the lawns (we borrowed Trishs petrol mower) and I did the weeding, well a bit of the weeding there is loads more to go! We have also borrowed the bin of fire to burn all the twigs and stuff that have been cluttering up the garden since last year. What can I say, it looks like a proper posh garden! I've also put the first lot of veg in. This week I don't think is going to be that productive as this Sat is the wedding of Mel (it has come round so quickly) and the house is on tenterhooks because of that. Tonight however sees me going to the cinema with the boy to see Vampire flick let the right one in. The boy suggested it & you could have knocked me down with a feather (he reviews films in his spare time and his views on my favourite genre were fairly dismissive and as a result will not be repeated here!) . I hope its good, apprently its been getting pretty good reviews...

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