Monday 4 May 2009

Introducing the fabulous Dave

So my May day long weekend was quite hectic, I took Friday off and got up at 5am to try and make it into Oxford for the May Day celibrations. Unfortunately due to the pesky buses (I could have cycled but I wasn't sure of the way) I missed the singing at ther top of Magdalen college, but got there in time to see an array of Morris dancers with a traditional Jack of the green (and in fact most of the folky people I know in Oxford, including a very pregants becs and her lovely husband Dan) and soak up the amazing atmopshere. It was also a good oppertuntity to catch up with Mat over breakfast at some very early hour in the Chequers (it took a while but it was definitely worth the wait). After breakfast we hit the bookshops of Oxford, I was admittedly quite restained having hit the bookshops properly the week before with Adam (it's beans on toast for the rest of the month I tell you) but I did manage to lay my hands on a orange penguin copy of Virginia Woolf's The Waves which I was proofing a creative writing paper on last week (its supposed to be her most creative novel, I really enjoyed Mrs Dalloway but I wasn't quite as taken with to the lighthouse...). I'll def report back when I've read it.

Friday night my parents and Kip turned up about 11pm, which I was really feeling as I'd been up since 5am. We pretty much went straight to bed after they arrived as we had an early get up on the Saturday. Sat was spent catching up on all the news and buying various wall fillers and boring stuff like dish racks for the house (the two very exciting purchases came from Millets garden centre which I managed to drag them to, were a redcurrant and blueberry for the garden, which I will be digging holes for shortly). On Sunday we got up early, Kip cut the front lawn and found a grass box for the flymo (love you little bro, that is going to save so much raking) and then him & my dad went to Abingdon Air Show (my friend Lindsay's brother was flying down one of the hawks for the display team, exciting stuff) while mum and I stayed at home and made various Jams/chutneys. Sunday night was the long awaited gig of Robin's at the Cherry Tree at Steveton, I seemed to manage the sound okay but Robin's set list was way to long and he ended up getting bad cramp in one of his fingers (I'm not sure there is anything you can do about that). I made a big fry up on Monday morning for everyone and my parents left about 2pm. Adam came round after that and we watched a film and generally caught up. The pinnacle of the nights viewing however had to be Ashes to Ashes, I really enjoyed Life on Mars but have to confess to missing most of the current season of Ashes to Ashes. The clothes were brilliant, Jean Hunt as cool as ever and the storylines were definitely up to par. It was awesome.

And finally the thing that the title of this post refers to my new housemate Dave. Dave moved in while all this crazyness with my parents was going on. He took it all in his stride (brave guy) and joined us for a roast dinner in Sat lunchtime. So far he has been an absolute legend. One of the first things I noticed when he moved it what that he has in his posession a rather fetching cuddly octopus, I have a rather fetching fish who looks a bit like Mick Jagger (its the lips) and it was as though the two were meant to meet... And its with that not very profound thought that I will leave you :-)


Gretel said...

It would take an earthquake to drag me away from the TV when Ashes to Ashes is on - best hour of my week, sad though that may sound.

Maddie said...

I remember the Mick Jagger fish fondly!


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