Monday 23 March 2009

And now its all over

So this weekend was the end results of all our efforts for the festival this year and I have to say it was pretty amazing. I got to see a grand total of three bands (woo) which is about on a par with last year, but unlike last year they weren't all headliners, they were the bands I wanted to see, result! Lets recap. Friday night already fed up with repeating the phrase 'no you can't have a Kate Rusby ticket, its sold out, no really' Fi & I got into our bhangra groove & watched (but mostly danced like loons) to the Dhol foundation (who thankfully didn't pay much attention to the fact that the audience were quite small but went for it anyway :-).
Saturday early start, dancing like a loon starting to take its toll on the back of my knees, workee workee, workee, on the box office quite hard till three when Fi & both decided to catch a different 10 minutes of Lau. I saw mostly tunes but it seems Fi caught mostly the songy side of the set. She comes back bearing the news that Kris Drever wants to talk to me about bees, apparently during the Lau stage banter he revealed a yearning to be an apiarist and encouraged anyone who keeps bees to go and talk to him. I remain sceptical and decide a cup of tea is in order. Upon entering the green room promptly run into Kris Drever (crumbs), mention beekeeping and we have a wee chat, leave the green room tea in had feeling this may be one of the most surreal moments yet. This is however eclipsed when I catch his solo set later on in the evening when he mentions finding a beekeeper to the audience. Vow to find and kill him gently later on in the evening :-). Kate Rusby is on the main stage being supported by an orchestra, I decide I don't fancy that (but the box office is shut cause of her, so cheers Kate) so stay & watch the entirety of Kris' set and then retire to the bar. A few pints later the tiredness is in my knees again (always the knees) so retire to bed ready for another early get upon Sunday.

Sunday's are always a funny one, you are the most tired you have been for any day of the festival yet because of all the morris sides (and this year the choirs) you are required to be present and have your wits very much about you. This year I got a bit ill and was sat shivering in the box office till Fi very kindly went and made me a lemsip. I felt better for a couple of hours and regained a bit of colour but by the time of the friends gig (and the much anticipated Vikki & Uncle Saul time) I felt rubbish and was shivering all over the show. I stuck it out however and I think Both Saul and McClaine went down really well (so well in fact that Tim was very keen to book them for next years festival, hurrah). Home & straight to bed.

Monday and a well needed rest from everything and anything. Witchcat and I decide to stay in bed till some unmentionable hour (I actually went to bed at 9ish the previous night but don't so much open my eyes till ten the next morning). Have a nice relaxing bath, put on some music & the heating & make myself a hot toddy with almost the last of the Talisker (noooo). Feel that I really should be doing something so go into town and rent Jackie and Hilliary from the library, its a film that I've wanted to see for ages about the cellist Jaqueline due pre (still really want a cello) and her sister, its a bit the horror the horror but Fi had mentioned wanting to see it too so we sat and imbibed copious quantities of cake and tea which was fab. A bit of work on my Austin dress (yes that this next weekend) and then another early night. Back to work and reality tomorrow.

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