Monday 16 March 2009

Tis the season

So its that time of year again, the Oxford folk festival is nearly upon us, the sun is warming up and spring is definitely in the air. So last week was a week full of spring cleaning, the work mag was finally sent to print after many revisions and last minute tweaks, my spinning article is nearly finished (the final push and photographs to go with it is tonight's job) tomorrow will be the last meeting before the festival and and the weekend a start was made on the first of the two Austin dresses (Helen's is a size bigger than mine so hers is going first, its green). The weekend was full of lovely things I had dinner out on Friday and went to see a film, Saturday was the now legendary Ceiligh at Kennington and Sunday we borrowed Holly dog and took her up to Radley college (where she somehow managed to find her way into the lake and become a very muddy dog indeed!) .

Once we'd got back from the walk and recovered with a cup of tea (or several we set to wok on this years easter tree. At home when I was little my mum would always take us out to gather some braches for the tree, she favoured pussy willow as the stalks are very straightand you get the joy of the furry catkins to hang things off.

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