Thursday 26 March 2009

Is that the time?

Is it really Thursday already? (I know the answer to that, I’m merely checking). The days just seem to disappear when I’ve got deadlines looming but when I’m excited and waiting for stuff to happen they seem to go so slowly. This week has been a mixture. Today is a very special day for Fi (who is mentioned almost in every post on this blog, so awesome is she). Alex, her little boy turns 1 today which seems quite frankly bizarre as I can still remember Fi being pregnant and that doesn’t seem that long ago! I’ll be making my way over there this evening to shower him with gifts in a wise man style. I can’t stay for too many cups of tea however as I have to get back to my current dress of doom, the dress for Mel’s hen weekend (still not finished).

I thought I’d cut all the sections on Tuesday night, but last night I found several pieces were missing so there was more cutting to be done. I haven’t even started the ‘proper’ sewing yet and the dress is due to be worn in public on Sat (oops). I say it like its all doom and gloom but the fabric is beautiful and a nice bi product of the more cutting was that I found a border on the fabric I’d never seen before & found out to my shock and delight that the patterned material for the top is actually a William Morris print (I think subconsciously I must have known that hence why I chose it :-). I hoping the pattern will act as a bit of a catalyst to help me get it finished as if I’m honest I’m still quite tired from last weekend’s activities and would like a long rest before engaging in Austin activities, but its still very exciting. The serious business of getting it finished in time starts this evening (& I’ve taken tomorrow off to finish it, I’m hoping however it’s not going to go to the wire as I’ve got desert for the picnic to make as well, latest thought Hugh’s choc & sweet chestnut thing and dark choc and stem ginger cookies, or is that too much chocolate?).

And it’s not like I’m going to be short of stuff to do tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get the dress finished by mid afternoon so I can check the bees, I haven’t touched Benji the violin for the past week (and excused myself from my lesson last night due to the dress) and tomorrow (evening) I’m going to see LAU at Didcot. Usually when I’m not at work I try to stay as far away from the place as I can my office overlooks the horrible power station and Didcot town centre isn’t the nicest [;ace ever, but I couldn’t resist the chance to see a whole set from the band and the gig is taking place at the new arts centre the Cornerstone (maybe being an arts centre they have tea and cake or even better WINE!). Full report after I’ve been. Right better get back to it, there is a stack of work to do and only one working day left to do it :-).

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