Tuesday 24 February 2009

In a Jane Austin style

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I've been getting a lot of emithers each asking for more information about the dress that I've decided to make for Mel's hen do (I always like an excuse for a new dress and what an excuse this is!). The pattern arrived mid week last week through the post. Originally I'd settled on the full length A line version which was all one colour (and on reflection a bit shapeless, but I guess that is the basic problem with all dresses from this era). HOWEVER when the pattern arrived it came a variation of the long dress with a kind of top layer and underneath that a longer underskirt thing.

So pattern in hand I set out on the road to Mason's fabric shop (possibly one of the nicest places ever). It took me ages to decide on a material, but in the back of my mind I think I'd already decided it was going to be blue. If you've ever seen the BBC Adaptation of Sense & sensibility (and if not, don't worry you can check out the costumes here http://janeausten.info/moviegowns/sands1995/sands1995.htm) Marianne wears lots of turquoise dark blue stuff after she is jilted by super cad (and rake) John Willoughby. Although her clothes are lovely (and the colouring seems to suit Kate Winslet who, like me is quite a pale girl) i decided something a bit more traditional was in order. The top material I've chosen is very simular to the dress that Elanor is wearing in this photo, although blue on white rather than white on blue, and I've got a baby blue cotton to go underneath it. I was supposed to cut out the pattern pieces on Sunday night but I'm afraid I was so tired from all the decorating (and probably still had bits of wall paper in my hair) that I fell into the bath instead. Tonight might be a possibilty but I've got lots of overtime to do first. Will try and post again soon.

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