Wednesday 18 February 2009

Arrow accurate

Yesterday's feeling that yesterday was going to be rubbish, proved all too accurate. I got dragged into a meeting mid morning and ended up missing most of the meeting about the play, although I got a recap from Becky H afterwards, (the exciting news is they they have settled on a play, Shakespeare's a midsummers nights dream, imagine the costume possibilities! I'm guessing I'm going to get some practice at making wings :-). Last night I went and gave blood, I foolishly thought I'd be able to do that and then hot foot it to the OFF meeting. I was wrong and went really woozy. I was laid out on the sofa shouting at tv characters when Mel arrived home, but I'm feeling much better this morning, although I am craving caffine like no one knows (maybe they got a pint of tea instead?).

Already I'm looking forward to this weekend. The decorating on the hall is starting in earnest on Friday night (Mat M is helping and we will be accompanied by wine which may speed it up or slow it down, depending on amounts I'm guessing :-). Friday is also the day we get paid and the deadline for the creative issue of the work mag (side thought, I've approached a local music mag about writing for them and have got a test assignment, no pressure then). I've already got plans for my pay packet in the form of a charger for my digital camera (which hopefully means more photos on here, hurrah! And that I can finish the spinning article for Elizabeth, (the roving arrived last weekend, it is georgous!)). I would have thought some of my pay packet was also destined for our local wool shop but my mum very kindly bought the entirity of my stash last weekend (and boy what a stash it is, containing some discontinued chunky Rowan in varying shades of blue and some candy floss fluffy dark blue angora, I'm thinking I may have to buy a bunny sometime in the future, as I love this fiber). Until then its going to be very hard work, better get back to it.

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