Monday 2 March 2009

Living for the weekend

So this weekend its all really happening. Mel and Fi had their birthday's on the same day this year as Mel was born on the 28th and Fi was born on the 29th in a leap year (so her birthday technically doesn't exist this year, if we worked on that logic she would only be 4 :-). Mel was duly serenaded at her window by her fiancee Chris (she had asked if he would as this time next year they will be married and living together (I assume he is to sing/play to her all the time then :-)). I had coffee with the birthday girl early in the morning and then her and Chris went to final fitting of the wedding dress (cor, its getting close). We reconvened later that evening and headed out to a Lebanese (who knew such a thing existed in Abingdon?) for the evening. All the greats were there including Richard (who I haven't seen for ages) and Mel's uncle who looks incredibly like William Morris... I was sat opposite Canal boat living Helen who had broken her finger doing something DIY related. She is apparently very worried about getting her Austin Dress made, so I have been roped in to help (one dress was bad enough, two I think is probably pushing it). However in return Helen has promised to sand and wax my floor (I'm not sure she knows what she's letting herself in for here, but there you go...)

Sunday held yet more birthday revelry as we headed to an Italian in Oxford for Sunday to celebrate Fi's birthday, followed by desert on Dan & Bec's new canal boat (Bec's at this point very very pregnant so they have bought a bigger boat and moved their moorings to Oxford so they are nearer a hospital, very wise). I stayed over with my favourite baby, Alex (who's nearly a year old, how scary is that?) leaving Fi & Nick to head out to see Faustus in Basingstoke in the evening. They set off pretty early so I had the lovely task of putting Alex to bed, I read Charlie and Lola to him and he went all lollopy and soft and cuddly, awwww. Having said that he woke up at 5.30am this morning morning but hey it is making Monday slightly more interesting :-) And so to work I must go... Something special is happening tonight but I don't want to jinx it so I'm going to smile knowingly about it for now and reveal in time when it all becomes clear...

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