Tuesday 2 December 2008

That festive feeling

With yesterday being the first of December Mel and I dutifully put up most of our Christmas decorations last night (I say dutifully what I mean is that I had been itching to put them up since the 1st of November and last night it being the 1st of December Mel agreed). I stuck on the muppets Christmas Carol on the DVD player (its a bit of a tradition to watch it at home with middle brother Kip & it always puts me in a Christmassy mood).We decided to put the tree in the corner by the window this year on top of a small table (Mel voiced concerns over the stability when attacked by Mabel but we tested it and it looks to be stable enough. we Fixed it all together, added light, baubles and tinsel and stood back to admire.Within literally minutes Mabel had tackled the ascent, and had suceded in pushing the angel (kindly made by Fi last year) off her branch to the floor (somewhere during this she also managed to loose her collar, where I don't know, we still haven't found it yet).

Apart from the Christmas tree however, which is looking worse by the second as more things are carried away for further inspection by witchcat, the rest of the front room looks truly magical (just in the nick of time for the annual Abingdon Sherry & Mince pie party tomorrow). Lindsay and I made some of the traditional paper snowflakes (if you input 'paper snowflake templates' into google there are a lot that come up and its so much easier than just randomly snipping away). I also arranged my new 'in a Dickensian style' carol singer ornaments purchased in Stratford upon Avon, and our usual foily type decorations are hanging from the centre of the room.

With all the preparations nearly complete I can safely turn my attentions to the dress (now refered to as the dress of doom, I am fed up with trying to finish it now, possibly should have started it earlier, meh). We thought that we might finish it last night and although I am thrilled to report that the zip is safely installed, and indeed it looks like a dress and fits like a dress (I tried it on & its quite a good fit actually) the lining isn't in, the hem is still not started and the straps need to be dealt with, oh dear I hear you cry. Well I have absolute confidence that I will get it finished (and won't sleep till it done)!

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