Thursday 27 November 2008

All about the dress

Yes indeed at the moment, and indeed for the foreseeable future it is really all about the dress. Last night was my violin lesson (during which my violin tutor stated that the piece I'm attempting for my next grade 'should at least be grade 6', well you know I like a challenge as much as the next person but its taking quite a bit of doing). I invited Robin to our mince pie & sherry party but alas he & Margaret cannot come as he teaches till 10.30 on a Wednesday night. After violin it was round to Trish's for some more work on the dress. I told her about the chaise Lounge & she confirmed that the fabric I've got is indeed intended for upholstery, but its far too pretty for that! It has been agreed that the corset is probably surplus to requirements and that we may well just line it & add straps. The current debate now is what colour to line it with (red or purple, both colours are in the fabric, ditto with the straps) and whether we actually need to line it at all (I didn't line last years dress as the fabric was so heavy and draped so beautifully we thought lining it might ruin the lines).

I've got to tack all of it together tonight before morris (we did the darts last night but realised thanks to the presence of wine, one of those was wrong, so I have to re-do that). The next dress session round at Trish's is scheduled for Friday and I'm getting prawn Tagliatelle into the bargain (they are really too good to me round there). Before that however I have to miss knitting, (I feel really bad about this so have done the first page on our new hi tech google groups site to make myself feel a little better) and survive the rest of the week (interview for promotion tomorrow, eekkk). To add to the stress its deadline day today for the paper I write for, I've just rescued one of our other writers by doing one of the assignments he forgot he was scheduled to do, and with some luck we may be able to send Decembers issue to press today! I love the fact that even when I supposed to be doing out of work stuff deadlines still feature rather heavily in my life!

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