Wednesday 26 November 2008

Wednesday catch up

Posh Bens do
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I can't believe its Wednesday already. I spent most of the weekend at Zoe's (in the photo wearing the green top) down in Tooting in London. I went down on Friday night and we spent 4 entire hours catching up with added cheese and wine (most excellent). On the Saturday we hit Oxford Street (although we didn't get as far as either of us envisaged). I did get some really cool things including sparkly earings from Topshop (that actually seem to go really well with a necklace that I inherited), a dress pattern (more on this later), some icicle shaped beads, a copy of Vogue (I allow myself one copy a year so I saved it for home and leafed through it whilst eating choc & drinking coffee) and some really nice sock yarn to knit into socks for my dad (I was missing knitting for men so I'm making both my brother & my dad stuff for Christmas).

This photo was taken on the Saturday night when we all went out to celibrate Posh Ben's 28th Birthday at a pub called the Jagged Hare in London. I should also point out that at this point Zoe's boyfriend Steve (grey shirt), expert gardener (& throughtly nice chap joined us). The Sunday morning was spent having a well earned lie in and then waking up just in time for Countryfile with a full fry up very generously cooked by Zoe & Steve (after that I felt ready to take on the washing up from the entire weekend).

This week has also been a bit of a blur. As soon as I got back Mel & I finalised a date for the Sherry & Mince pie Christmas party which is now a tradtion of ours. I issued the invitations yesterday but it falls on the day before my work Christmas party, meaning quite a few days of 'Christmas cheer' in a row for the work gang (I'm sure they can handle it).

As I mentioned earlier I managed to find a pattern in John Lewis in London. Trish & I (she is THE woman for sorting out hems as I found last year) cut out the fabric for the outside on Monday night, we are going to try & get it tacked & tried on tonight as what I didn't realise is as well as having a lining you are supposed to make a corset to go underneath (its strapless). This at first horrified me but I do admit being more & more curious about how its going to work. If we do need it then obviously we will do it, but the current thinking is to remove it completely and just add straps. We'll see. The material is just beautiful and I think the shape will accomodate it quite well. (Having said that, we saw a chaise Lounge in the same material in John Lewis, I do not want to be mistaken for a sofa!)

Right should go, I've got loads of work to do so the blogging may be a bit sparse for the next few weeks, I will update as often as I can though & put pictures up of the dress as & when it exists. In other news I'm out on a pub crawl round the pubs of Oxford with my friend Sam tonight, she has organised it for all of her department (I know quite a few of them and have been invited along for moral support) and am staying over at hers. I'm sure it will be a brilliant sucess.

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