Thursday 4 December 2008

Finally finished

The dress is finally finished, although the title of this post could also refer to the fact that I am feeling a little the same way (completely and utterly shattered). This week has beenvery busy out of work as with it being December everything seems to be happening at once. But first the dress. Thanks to the friendly sewing fairy (read long term friend and surrogate mum Trish W) my dress is finished. She turned up last night for a quick glass of wine, we pinned the straps (they are cording material and cross over at the back) having sorted out the hem on Tuesday night just after I got back from my folk festival meeting and just before I made the pastry for the mince pies (I wasn't joking, there really hasn't been any downtime at all of late). When I tried it on it fitted perfectly, so probably just as well we decided against the corset, I don't think it would have fitted in! I've got to get into Oxford for 7 tonight to meet everyone before we head to the party en mass, so hair & make up and all that stuff that I'm not too hot on will be even more fraught, but nevermind the dress is done.

Onwards to the highlights of the mince pie party, quite a few people came and it was a nice mix of people, a few neighbours, people from both buildings at work & Fi, who alas wasn't joined by Nick as he has the lurgi, a shame as its nearly his birthday. We drank (seven bottles of wine by my quick count up in the kitchen this morning, half a bottle of sloe gin, brandy and some strange liquor stuff that someone bought), we ate, nibbles and mince pies (made just in time after I got in from work) and made incredibly merry. The award for most committed party goer has to go to Beth L who left at about 2 minutes past midnight, despite the fact that she has the work Christmas party to organise tonight, that kind of commitment to party should truly be commended! Work today isn't going as I envisaged, after being out the office yesterday on a training/legal copyright thing and being fairly shattered I just don't seem to be able to settle to anything, plus I've just been asked by two work colleagues if I would mind doing a workshop on updating clothes and teaching one of them to crotchet (I love the fact that people are now seeking me out). The workshop idea is a great one but I think I need my studio at home to be finished first and then the crazyness can be contained in there, rather than taking over the whole house. Its exciting to know though that other people are interested in doing this kind of stuff, incidentally it seems that our local wool shop have taken up my idea of running classes and they've been really popular, I think they could do much more if they put their mind to it, oh to be the owner of Mason's, that would be truly great. Right stop daydreaming WORK!

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