Friday 5 December 2008

Ta daaaaaaaa

Christmas party
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The title of this post obviously refers to the dress (as seen above, I'm the one on the right the other two are long suffering deskmate Lindsay and James from marketing, (incidentally the copyright on this photo is owned by top photographic chum Mel Cunningham, commission her, you know you want to... The party was great fun, its amazing how different your workmates look when they are all dressed up. The party was held in Oxford's Town hall which meant that all the stewards kept on saying hello all night as they remebered me from the folk festival. The theme was, bizzarely, the titantic (I don't know why, we've been trying to work it out, but so far nothing has sprung to mind).

There was celigh dancing early on and this was replaced by the celigh band doing some covers before Jeff Buckley was put on, to presumable clear the building. It didn't work and I have to say that half the office were still going strong come midnight. I stayed over at Sam C's in Oxford and we got cheesy chips on the way home still dressed in our finery. After a mere 6 hours of sleep Sam got up, thrust a cup of tea in my general direction (you see? She knows) and went to work. I still had half a day's leave to take so I spent the morning recooperating and getting some of the dreaded Christmas shopping done in Oxford and then home to get changed ready for work.

Because I wasn't on my usual bus somehow the thing never came so I had to phone Fi & beg for a lift to work. Being the top bean that she is she plied me with dark choc fingers, cups of tea and a very drooly Alex for a good half an hour & then we set off to work. Suffice to say the office is like a ghost ship today, everyone else is way more sensible than me and has stayed at home, but I'm glad I got to check up on Sam, having inbibed her own preffered caffine stimulant (coke) she loooks a lot better now :-)

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