Friday 12 December 2008

Deadline days

Okay so yet again I've been v.bad and not blogged all week. The reason is, as usual work and the fact that this is the crunch for all my end of year issues. But as of Monday all this horror is left behind and I get to look forward to Christmas proper. Trust me when I say I have had enough of the stress. As well as work though I seemed to have managed to fit a heck of a lot in. Last night I babysat Alex, alone, for the first time ever. What can I say the boy is awesome. He woke up twice, the first time his gums were hurting & I managed to get him back off to sleep really easily. I was beginning to think this might have been a fluke the second time as he was crying properly (read screaming the place down) but yet again he went back to sleep & stayed asleep till Fi & Nick came home (they had been to see Jon & John & and an orchestra in Oxford, as it was Nick's birthday, happy birthday Nick). This morning Fi drove me into work (we had to ask over the back fence to feed Mabel) and at lunchtime we went to see the football. Thanks to the greens (the colour, that's not the name of the team) my team now have a very good chance of winning the league (I would like this v.much but am not going to get competitive...not again).

Tonight I'm off to Matt W's P party. The best P we came up with was poltergeist but we weren't sure how you translate that into fancy dress. Instead I decided to be quite literal and am going as HTML coding of the letter P. I hope to post photos and it should all become clear from them... Tomorrow, day, Barney is coming down at an unusual hour of the morning (I haven't seen him for at least a year) and I will be showing him the delights of Oxford (I'm thinking get into one of the Morse pubs and stay there, 'cause town will be heaving) and we are hitting a festive party tomorrow night (is it wrong that I really want a night in at the mo?!) and then on Sunday we are having a friends Christmas dinner (I'm providing coffee & choc's, homemade run truffles, for after the meal. So really as usual, it never stops. The house is trashed cause I haven't been in it to tidy it & I can't blame Mel cause she's in Finland till Thurs. Aggrrhh right better go, I've got a few more emithers & then it's home time. Have a good weekend everyone.

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