Tuesday 23 December 2008

Catch me if you can

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So today is finally my last day in work. I've just been really good and tackled a huge pile of paperwork which was residing on my desk so it now looks pretty tidy for a change, a pity it won't stay that way in the New Year. My mum & dad are picking me up from work at 4.30 we are going to mine to catch Mabel (this is possibly going to be the worst bit, she hates her carrier) & then we depart for the frozen (and according to Lindsay maybe without electricity) North. She usually just gets onto my lap and goes to sleep in the car (this is quite unusual for her, as at home she is not really a lap cat at all). She really likes my parents house though. Most of all what she likes is my dad's elderly tabby cat Tinker who she enjoys annoying (Tink coped admirably last year, bless him, mind you she's quite a bt bigger this year so we shall see)

In a way I will be very sad to leave Oxfordshire, I've never had a Christmas here in my own house, but if my parents downsize as is the plan this may well happen next year, I'd like it if they would come to me but we'll see how things work out. I went round to Fi & Nick's last nigt to say goodbye to them (and Alex who was asleep) and to swap presents. Fi made some lovely samony pasta which we ate whilst drinking mulled wine and watching University Challange. Fi is pretty good on almost all the subjects and got all the Archaeology questions right, Nick tried but failed most of the maths and physics questions, I got a few random ones but didn't do that well with the literature ones, there didn't seem to that many or maybe it was cause Fi got nearly all of the rest right. After that Nick got out the port (using the excuse that it doesn't keep and they opened it the other night :-) and stilton and we watched the brothers grimm film then I stumbled back home to pack the rest of my clothes for the journey today (suprisingly jumpers feature quite highly).

So the finishing line is in sight. This may be my last post for a while as it is Christmas and I really should rest a bit and my parents internet is not that great. In case I don't post before the big C may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may you be happy and healthy in the New Year.


Gretel said...

Is that Mabel? She is adorable! Thank you for your lovely message, and have a brilliant Christmas - see you next year! :)

Vikki said...

That is indeed the witchcat, doing what she does best looking adorable. I hope we might actually see you sometime in the new year, I do a very good line in cakes did i mention :-)


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