Monday 12 January 2009

Home again

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Happy new year everyone and sorry for my utter minceness at blogging these last few weeks. It turns out that my parents Internet connection was far from being bad, actually none existent. So instead I took the old fashioned route and kept a pen and note pad handy at all times & I'm hoping to go back over the last couple of weeks and update with back posts (whilst also making new posts, Ambitious? Yes, but I'm hoping it will work. I got back from Tenerife yesterday with my plane touching down at 5.30pm and was back in my abode by 9pm so that wasn't too bad. Work today is horrendous with a barrage of emails waiting for me (why is it when people get an out of office they feel the desperate urge to send you many many more emails?). Once I've worked through those it will be time to get to grips with my 3 new journals taking me to a grand total of 16 titles. Crumbs! This is going to have to be organisation on a whole new level.

But Organisation this year will be a joy as I get to officially open my River Cottage 2009 diary packed full of recipes and tips it is sure to keep me entertained till next year and beyond! This weekend I plan to crack on with one of my first resolutions, New Year new start things and finish painting my room (why do I get so annoyed with doing it when I know the end result will be fab?). Mel and I are also having a Sleeping beauty and related film night in on Friday with wine and ice cream (she has never seen it, I find this really hard to believe as Malificant was a regular feature in my nightmares when I was little, actually she's still pretty scary now).

I've also got go & see Nick. Fi & Alex at some point as I haven't seen them since before Christmas and I want to thank her properly for my gorgeous knitted gloves and muffle (I still haven't knitted her anything she can wear cause she's such a fab knitter she could make anything she wanted herself, this might be a possible idea for her birthday though which is coming up, hmmm I wonder). Right better go & sort out my inbox.

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