Monday 22 December 2008

The dark is light enough

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So on Saturday we went to see Twilight. Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will know that whenever a vampire film comes out I really do have to go and see it (I'm in love with the genre, I can't help it, I won't apologise). I was royally told off by Lindsay for not reading the books first (I know it is the best way to do it) but they are on my holiday reading shortlist (along with about half a library of other stuff, I'll post a complete list as soon as I've whittled it down to 5 books) so I figure I will have caught up by the time the next film comes out. I really enjoyed the film, although I have to say that if you aren't a teenage girl (or about my age) you might not enjoy it as much (there are lots of shots of lead actor and bit of a renard Robert Pattinson (yes he was in Harry Potter but He's grown up a bit since then) looking meaningfully into the middle distance). As I say its great on a purely entertainment level, so go and see it!

As well as hanging out at the movies with Lindsay I finished off my Christmas shopping and went to see Magpie Lane at the Hollywell rooms on Sunday. They were really good but the seasonal cold/horrible throat thing had claimed most of the band so unfortunately the vocal range was not as wide as is usually is. The band persevered on however and a good night was had by all. The Hollywell is a really georgous venue (there is a really good piece about its history here and as baby Alex proved the acoustics are awesome. i got coerced into folding raffle tickets and generally mentioning the Oxford folk festival anytime anyone breathed (, hopefully we will do okay this year despite the economic situation. But before OFF is even here I am determined to go to one of these I found the site completely by accident when I was trying to fathom out what time the Magpies were on. They've had some really great ensembles on in the last couple of months but they seem to sell out really quickly, so we'll have to keep our eyes open.

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