Tuesday 11 November 2008

Poor poor Vernon

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May I introduce my very lovely carnivourse plant Vernon, Vernon is about a year old now and lives on the window sill in my room. Vernon, and indeed the rest of the house, got a rather nasty shock last night when the window blew in & knocked him & the rest of the junk on my windowsill to the floor (we've been having really nasty winds & stuff here of late). Fortunately the window has now been fixed, the rain mopped up and the junk replaced. Back, almost, to normal.

The two other big events of last night were Mabel's trip to the new vet, and the making of pumkin pie. First off the vets, they did a skin scrape which they analysed then & there, they found nothing on that so some of her fur has been sent off to the lab for anaylsis, if that comes back clear she has to go under general anesthetic & they will do a biopsy. Really don't want them cutting bits off my cat! But first things first we've got to wait 10 days for the results and then we'll decide what to do next. All of this is a bit frustrating as Mabel is her usual mischevious self but her head is a complete mess and it just seems that no one knows what is causing it. Plus all these repeat visits to the vets aren't doing my bank balance any favours, but it all falls into nothingness when you consider the uttermost pricelessness of my baby girl, she is awesome.

The other thing I finally got round to doing last night was making pumpkin pie. This hit a slight technical hitch whe I ran out of pastry for the second pie (as I get to know more & more people on my floor at work, so the baking efforts must be scaled up) but I carried on regardless leading to one, with crust, & one without. Both seem to have gone down very well (I marketed the one without pastry as 'experimental') and the rest of the pumpkin is now sitting in the freezer waiting to damage anyone silly enought to open one of the drawers. What it doesn't know its that I will be making soup and possibly more cakes out of it as and when I have the time.

Today really doesn't feel like a Tuesday, mostly I think due to the fact hat my boss is having a day off and that Lindsay, Scarlett, Amy and myself went out for lunch (usually an activity saved for Frday's). I've got tea out tonight AND my mum & dad are coming on their way back from the cruise. How exciting!

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