Wednesday 12 November 2008

The annual AGM

So last night was the annual Mabel Gubbins AGM. We all went to our new local pub The Red Lion in lovely local village Brightwell cum Sotwell (yes I'm sure it really is called that). The pub it appears has just made it into the the CAMERA good beer guide, and whilst I can't recommend the beer (I was a traitor & had red wine) the food was really really nice, anyone local should really check it out at

Anyway I digress Mabel AGM, It has been sorted out that I should have the yellow sash as modelled by the tall blonde women in this very photo. Nice isn't it? As well as getting aforementioned sash and being allowed to dance out I have also taken on the massive responsibility of being side scrapbooker. Apprently two people from the side have already had this honour but no one has yet suceeded in keeping it up to date. Will it be 3rd time lucky? Not even I know but I was happy to take it on as its at least its a bit creative (plus I really didn't want to be put in charge of stepping practice or anything hardcore like that :-)

The other event of note of last night was my parents return on the QE2. They had always wanted to sail on her so my mum cashed in quite a few savings and booked them a place on the last but 1 voyage. I think the feeling from both of them was that although they enjoyed it very much (I have seen the menus, the food looks amazing) they like having longer to explore places and quite like taking their own time. But a good time was had by all nevertheless.

This morning has been a bit of a workee blur but I managed to get out for a short jog with Beth L at the start of lunch. We are going to make this a regular thing so that when the race for life comes up I will be able to enter. Having a goal s a good thing but I have to admit being a bit puffed (having had a broken toe and four weeks of no sport doing anything active was I think the problem, but the jogs are going to get longer...) Violin tonight & I have a suprise (a nice one I hope) for the knitters tomorrow :-)

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