Friday 14 November 2008

My knitting group

My knitting group
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So here they are at last, making their very long overdue debut, my knitters! I realised yesterday that I'd promised my friend Elizabeth (who incidentally now has the best job in the world, she works for a knitting magazine) that I'd get together some photo's and thoughts from the gang on their knitting activites. So a couple of weeks ago Scarlett brought her camera in and predictablty everyone hid (I know that feeling, I didn't want this taken either, but I guess its for the greater good). Not wanting to repeat a failed attempt at photo's I asked my friend Olie B (who incidentally also owns the copyright on this) if he would mind coming along & photographing us. Olie has done quite a bit of photography before and by goodness did it show, we were put into positions asked to say strange words and this is one of the final group shots. I think all the knitters look lovely & it really captures the essence of the group.

Olie's side of the bargain is well & truely done now its up to me to fulfill mine. Olie's wife has just become pregnant with their second child (its a boy). I was going to knit it some booties anyway but Olie specifically asked for a hat for it to wear, so I shall be casting that on this weekend. They also already have a 4 year old little girl, & Olie asked if I could do something for her too, so she doesn't feel left out. Which I think is where the challange will lie. She is quite a big 4 year old and I can't seem to find any knitting/crotchet projects for that age group, they all seem to be 1-3 or 5-7. Anyway the challage to find a pattern will continue this weekend...

Also this weekend I will be: Knitting (lots), seeing Louise for coffee and doing quite a bit or work overtime to help pay for Mabel's vets bills, today however is print file Friday (otherwise known as deadline day) and my first lot have just come in. Gotta go. Have good weekends everyone.

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