Monday 10 November 2008

Catching up

Apples in a bucket
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So this weekend I made up for my illness and then some. Saturday Nicola came over and I showed her around Abingdon. Quote of the day has to be from Mason's wool shop, "whoa there is so much wool, its almost like like there is too much... this could be very dangerous" its what we all think Nicola :-). I managed to avoid the Debbie Bliss yarn in the bargain bin but it was a close call for a while there. In Oxfam I managed to pick up a few complete bargains, more buttons from their now legendary button bin and 2 books, one called Mauve the battle of the colour (all about the guy who discovered how to make purple) and a really cool book about customising clothes. I bought some more beads in the other Mason's and the wool for the hat I'm knitting my Middle brother for Christmas (I can safely mention that, as he is not currently a reader of this blog). Yesterday I made apple sauce from the golden delicious apples from Trish (as seen in the photo) AND finished David's hat (it looks awesome & I really want a photo of him wearing it, it will look so good, the colour is just perfect). I also got round to doing some serious violin practice and some more jewelry (I've decided I really need to start whittling down my 'to be made' stash, both wool & beads) but tragically I didn't get round to pumpkin pie, that is tonight's task once I've taken Mabel to the vets (all the fur on her forehead has fallen out & its all scabby, I'm hoping the vets can sort her out).

Saturday night was my friend Rachel's bonfire night with a Halloween theme (I reused my football costume & went as a black cat, but with a sensible black dress replacing my shorts and t shirt combo). We went round to Megan's first & watched the fireworks in South park from outside the gates. The best bit was definitely the sparklers that Ryan & Hedda brought to share, its not really festive till you write your name in sparkle. Bonfire night this year didn't seem quite as magical as it has in years gone by, I blame this on the absence of 2 things, Catherine wheels (you just can't get them anymore) and treacle toffee (I looked for some in the old fashioned sweet shop that has just opened, but alas there was none to be found) I tried to make some last year but it went a bit too hard... Right better get to it, I've got a massive pile of revises to do today. Next weekend it looks like I might have to hit Oxford (most of my presents this year are stuff I've made but a few pesky people have requested shop bought goods) but the upside of this is that I get to have coffee with Louise to catch up & talk serious gardening :-) Ohh I nearly forgot 'good luck & don't be scared its fine' to young Alex's (and indeed mummy Fi) who today goes in to have the bobble on his ear taken off, awww.

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