Friday 7 November 2008

Halloween howlers

And so here we are last weekend at Captain Andy's hotly anticipated halloween bash. As you can plainly see the man himself came as Edward Scissorhands, whilst lurking in the background is me as Daphne (I did have a Scooby (Hartley), but his costume got too hot, honestly some people just won't suffer for their art :-). What this picture doesn't show is that later on that very same night I got violently ill and subsequently got signed off work for three very boring days (I felt so ill I couldn't even knit). It was not good.

On Friday we drew at football, I think my teams hopes of the title have pretty much hit the wall, as we would have needed the points from both matches to stay with a chance of the title. Sad, but I'm not too upset, we had a round of really bad injuries last week and we were lucky to still be able to field a team. The fancy dress was continued on the pitchI came as Mabel (cause I was the cat-tain, see what I did there? Oh nevermind), Hartley came as Scooby and still scored loads of goals, SarahJayne came as a tiger, Katie P as an angel, the warlock, oddly came not as himself but as a zombie and Captain Andy as a ghost. Unfortunately no photographic evidence exists of the match, but I made my ears and gloves with pads on myself so I expect the cat outfit will have a further outing at some point :-)

This weekend Nicola returns from her holiday so we are planning a joint attack on the wool shop (I have agreed to a knitalong with Scarlett who is a way more focused knitter than me so I think I may have to get the rest of the balls of wool for that project). Also our local Oxfam is having a craft themed window at the moment and I have found loads of really ace buttons in their button bin, so a trip there might also be called for. Plus Christmas is scarily close so I really should find a pattern for my beautiful fabric for my Christmas ball dress. Finally I really need to make Pumpkin pie to take into work, it was supposed to happen last weekend but had to be postponed due to illness, plus the garden could do with a good dig over, honestly it never stops! Have a good weekend everyone in blog land :-)

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