Friday 24 October 2008

Pumpkins of joy

Pumpkins of joy
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Okay I have been really really bad & not blogged all week, but I fear the elements may have been against me. First up there was the dramatic power cut of Wednesday afternoon (the earlier part of the week was just a flurry of work, so I wont bore you with that). After an hour of trying to proofread in the dark we finally got sent home. We were told to take work to do, so I worked semi continuously till Mel got home (popped into Mason's fabric store on the way home though & bought a few more bits of fabric, will blog them when they have become something pretty). For the rest of the evening stripped wall paper to the soothing sound of Kanye West, all good. Thursday I got a really bad coldy/ fluey thing and had to cancel going morris dancing. I did what every sensible person would do & dosed myself up on Rum and vitamin C and watched a girlie movie (oh and Hugh, wonderful Hugh).

Today I feel okay, which is good as its wear pink to work day & I'm in my fairly short Emma Cook Dress with zebras & horses on it. At lunch we went painting people's nails for a small contribution to the cause (breast cancer) and then across to the football, where someone promptly took a ball to the head. Being one of the only girls there I was needed to do my Florence Nightingale bit, I fussed & got ice packs & the guy (Chris Q) seemed a bit more with it half an hour later. Tonight absolutely nothing is happening so I plan to do a bit more tidying (my parents are popping in on Sunday on their way to the cruise, its alright for some) maybe some jewelry making and I will definitely finish David's hat. Saturday is my delayed violin lesson & possibly a trip to the Abingdon Craft fair and I'm spending Sunday with the rents. In the meantime I leave you with this, photographic evidence of our glorious pumpkins awaiting their big moment in the sun room. Have a good weekend.

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