Monday 6 October 2008

And now to A & E...

So I have returned to work after what seems to be a lovely amount of time (it was only 2 days) but was an unbearable amount of separation for my authors (2 days out of the office & 300 emails, way to go guys). The cause of this massive break from working life as regular readers of this blog will know was for my best Friend Fi's nuptuals (I didn't get suprise present the wedding ring shawl that I was working on finished (its a very complex shawl, knitted out of wool so fine the entire thing (about the size of a tablecloth) can be pulled through a wedding ring) but an update on that & current knitterly activity is coming tomorrow). The wedding was gorgeous, the setting the very becoming Ashmolean Museum, the wedding colours were the autumnal palette of browns, oranges and yellows that I associate with October (one of my favourite months). The bride looked radiant in a strapless bronze dress, with autumnal bouquet and her husband to be looked very dapper indeed. The couple arrived together at the top of the sweeping staircase in the main gallery and descended to the sounds of the harpsichord and medieval lute. The service was personalised by both parties choosing readings and young Alex screaming throughout the vows :-). Once the day of the actual wedding ceremony was over there were more treats to come as we decamped to the medieval unicorn theatre for a day of eating hog roasts and stripping the willow till the early hours (its a dance it has nothing to do with defiling trees) to the sounds of the wonderful Mawkin (I have gone on and on and on at great length about the musical fantasticness and beautifulness of Jamie Delarre many times on this blog, I shall spare you this once and just resort to saying I managed to speak to him, five sentences!!!! I'm still in shock). Throughout all of this I was alas camera-less as I still haven't found the charger for the thing. One day I will though, and hopefully Nick will be able to email me some photos to share with you.

As the title of this post suggests after so much excitement there must fall some payback. Last weekend Malcolm the fantastic physicist came round to help me fix the central heating. This in due course we did and thank goodness we now have heat and hot water back (but we have to try & drain & refill the system before the winter sets in proper as its got all sorts of rubbish in it). We we were up in the loft I didn't see the hot water tank & put my foot straight into it (ahh the pain & ultimate agony). Obviously the timing wasn't great & I'm ashamed to say that I've been getting by on rum and painkillers since then (there was no way I was going to have a bandaged foot for Fi's wedding). However I feel the time has come to hand myself over to A&E as my foot still very much hurts and if it is a fracture like I think it is I don't want it to heal strangely. Having said that I did have some very nice plans for tonight which included planting my newly acquired bulbs and fixing together the last parts of my spinning wheel (Ashford are really good, they put the manuals online so if you loose it/your wheel didn't come with one, you can print another off. How great is that? ) but I suppose they will have to wait. Also of note happening today is the first day of the Ock street fair (allegedly the longest street fair in Europe) it lasts for two days and then the rides and games pack up and head on their way. Traditionally it was a fair for the workers & rural landlords to go to and work/labourers would be acquired for the coming year. Next week will see the two days of the runaway fair, exactly the same idea but if you had been with your master a week & didn't like him you could run away & hopefully obtain different work with a different master. I'm hoping to hobble along and at the very least win a small teddy & obtain some candy floss tonight :-)

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