Tuesday 7 October 2008

There's a first time for everything...

So last night with the warning words of my publishing colleagues still ringing in my ears (they gave me a good telling off for ignoring my foot for a week) I went to A&E. The diagnosis as I feared was not good. I have broken the toe next to my little toe on my right foot and it looks like there was some damage to the metatarsal there already). They strapped the fractured toe to its little toey friend & sent me on my way with the words 'take some painkillers' (one step ahead of you there guys, I've already taken them) and 'no sport for six weeks' (this is a problem, my team are due to play in a matter of weeks, and what about rapper?) but on the bright side this is the first time I have broken a bone, so I guess that's one more thing that I have achieved :-)

Anyway I promised a knitting project update & here it is. Unfortunately I didn't get the wedding ring scarf finished (two entire days doing nothing but Scottish lace gave me a grand total of 2, yes count them 2 inches). I took the offending item round to Fi & she was mightily impressed that I got that far. I am now going to work on it slowly, ensuring that ever last stitch is perfect and then Fi can wear it on her anniversary next year (or maybe the year after, no kidding I will endeavour to finish it as soon as I can). On my needles at the moment is a pesky turquoise rib scarf that I cast on, just to perfect my ribbing, thinking that it might come in handy as an extra Christmas present, it however is taking ages & my projects are starting to pile up behind it (I blame Scarlett for this new project approach to knitting I seem to have gained, she starts projects really quickly but crucially unlike me, finishes them). However as I def will not be going to rapper tonight I thought I might cast on David's aran hat (again a late present I was supposed to give it him for his birthday, but nevermind :-) and then maybe in a couple of weeks I can do the wavy hat for my brother Kip (another Christmas present) and so it goes on. Even more excitingly the big bag of donated yarn from Margaret my violin tutors wife arrived and it had some perfect raspberry yarn in it. Perfect for a sweater for me, but then again I haven't finished, or in fact started by Louisa Harding one yet. Maybe this broken foot is a blessing in disguise to help me catch up with my knitting, its a shame then that I can still get to work :-)

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