Friday 26 September 2008

Its a game of two halves

So here we are, the day of reckoning as far as the football goes, I am so nervous, until about Tuesday I was like"well if we win that would be nice" but now a sinister, competitive instinct seems to have taken hold and I'm not sure I like it! I'm only playing in the first match and I'll be subbing on & off with the two other girls, Sarahjane & Nat. Of course I cannot pretend that it entirely the football that worries me, the spectators are, I think, half the problem, I'm sure it will be fine though.

I am currently reading Angus, thongs and perfect snogging last night (its the fictional diaries of a teenage girl, with a mad cat call Angus who is hakf scottish wildcat and seems frightening similar in temperament to the witchcat) and she has a crush on this guy called Robbie who she refers to throughout the book as the sex god. Anyway various hilarious incidents ensue in her quest to win him, one of which is her not being able to form proper words in front of him (sounds familiar) and another where she's playing hockey with a very small skirt but very big knickers thinking that he's not around, but actually he is. I have so say at the moment I am relating to this (looking stupid on sports pitches whilst people cooler than me look on sagely), which I guess goes along with my mums theory that you never feel any older, you just age & pick up wisdom etc.

Speaking of responsibility & stuff, this time next week my wonderful best friend Fi will be getting married! I'm sure the day itself is going to be wonderful and I'm really looking forward to it as I'm sure everybody who comes will really want to be there (its certainly not going to be boring). I guess I have though of Fi & Nick as being married for quite a long time, I mean they have been together all the time that I have known them and they make such a great team. Some of the couples I know are made up of one strong person who generally gets what they want all the time, and another doormatty type person who just puts up with it, but Nick & Fi are just this really cool little unit. They both give & take about equal & when Alex came along they adapted as a team, and I just think that is the best thing ever because if you are a team you can take on the world, and win. So please raise your coffee cups to Nick & Fi, Nick, the best father, builder of geometric domes and nicest bloke anyone could hope to meet, may he continue in his awesomeness in the role of father and Husband, and to Fi, the person I phone when my world falls apart, my willing accomplice in mad ideas, the crotcheter of jellyfish & the best mum that Abingdon has seen this far. We salute you and hope that the lovely weather of this morning repeats itself next week. Have a good weekend everyone.

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