Thursday 25 September 2008

Musically distracted

Today it has to be said I am absolutely shattered. I usually feel a bit drained on Wednesday mornings and that is the only time I allow myself a cup of coffee at the start of the day. Yesterday morning however I was unusually perky so it looks like I'm paying for it today. Last night at violin I started the really hard piece from the Russian fantasias. The piece is absolutely amazing tone wise but when we started looking at passages it it looked nigh on impossible, standing just over two minutes in real time the violin part just never stops as the piano parts chords crash underneath. Jean (my very wonderful accompanist) will love it and I think I will love it again too once I can play it and provided I don't drive myself crazy over it first (the actual piece for the exam I think is just an extract from the fantasias but I've ordered the complete thing so that Jean & I can have a go if the mood takes us/we have the time, my next exam is scheduled for March, eeeekkk) . Last night I had to listen to it a couple of times before I could sleep, I guess I was just a bit wired from my lesson. Robin's wife Margaret gave me a massive bag of balls of wool that she had left over from projects (what a lady, I love going to my violin lesson, they are very much my kind of people, knitters & musicians) so I shall distribute it amongst the knitters today at lunch.

Just time I think for a little update on my rapper & football activity. Rapper on Tuesday night was brilliant, the girls are all going down to London to dance on Friday, I'm not going because I am still sash-less and captain Andy is away on Friday so I've got to single handedly captain our team (eeeeeek), but Angi has promised to try & track down a spare sash (if she gets the one she thinks she might be able to get, I will become yellow). Lizzie also promised the at some point I can have a go at tumbling, which is where you kind of flip over the swords (black swan rapper do it very well, but Lizzie has illustrated the problem that its actually getting the momentum to get yourself over that is usually the major problem, it will be a challenge certainly :-). We've got our first game of the football season this Friday, Harley & I sat down yesterday & planned our team and their attack. It has to be said that our team this year are a great deal better than my team from last year, however there does seem to be a worrying amount of people taking this deadly seriously, and this worries me. Hartley warned me that one of the lads on my team really upset his female captain last year, I am hoping that he will respect my authority and that I will not receive the same treatment. But we have a plan and I hope we win. I still haven't met the opposition captain Lloyd but I hope to put a couple of goals past him :-)

Finally a couple of words about terrible TV tragedy lost in Austin (brief plot line girl from modern day gets swapped with Lizzie Bennett, hilarious plot consequences follow (the most memorable being she does what every modern day girl would do & knees Mr Colins in the balls, quite)). If you ever intend watching it please don't read the rest of this post (because I'm about to comment on the ending) . There is no way on earth, ever, that modern day woman should be allowed to end up with Mr Darcy, she should have gone back to modern day London & left Lizzie & Mr Darcy to it, thus keeping with the traditional narrative of fairy tales (in my opinion), but apart from the ending it was a very entertaining, if slightly crackers series, and now there will be an A line dress shape in my Wednesday evening TV viewing without it, in fact all my TV viewing as it is once again restricted to Jamie at home, his Hugh Fernley Whittingsallness, countryfile and Tess of the d'Urbavilles (and we all know what's coming there (the horror, the horror).

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