Wednesday 3 September 2008

More Mabel Rapper trouble

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So last night we sat in a pub for two hours (the cross keys in Wallingford) trying to decide what to do with the rapper team. The lease on the old village hall has run out, we thought we had found a simular hall in Wallingford itself but this is way more expensive than the old one taking a month of subs per week! (clearly for broke folkies this is not an option).

So lists were compiled and places dished out. It is my job to research pubs/hall in Steveton. Let us hope that someone comes across something. There was also the December Mabel day to plan and preparations to start for DERT 2011 (its a really big rapper tournament & we've been chosen to host it, at the moment though we are still trying to work out possible venues).

Yesterday lunch Suzi & I went out for another round of blackberry picking in our lunch hour, the blackberries eventually made it into a blackberry and apple crumble that we had at Julie's. With it being stormy we were singing sea shanties in the car, and Sam & Julie learnt a new one at Towersey called stormy weather boys, its really nice but I can't seem to find the complete words for it anywhere, only what seems to be an American version of it). In Milton we also went in and investigated Milton village church as they were having their roof repainted (its not usually open during the day, as Suzi remarked though its a nice building even if we are not that churchy we can appreciate that).

Speaking of boys, I hadn't seen he who shall not be named for about a week in work due to us both being a little/lot busy however yesterday when I was running out of the door to a meeting when he appeared in the doorway in front of me, I said hello, he replied with another hello and did that melty smilley thing he does and I had to rush back to my desk and gather myself. Really need to resolve this one, but he is so lovely..... reminds me a bit of the boy character from under the milkwood tree, he has that kind of country air about him. Sigh.

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Vikki said...

I competely meant the greenwood tree, I'm getting my novels/plays/writers muddled again. Under Milkwood is Dylan Thomas isn;t it?!


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