Thursday 4 September 2008

Something pretty for Thursday

under the greenwood
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So, its raining again, the slugs and snail are on the rampage in a big way, and everyone in the office this morning is very unmotivated. I am keeping my spirits up with the following thought, imagine what all this rain is doing to the giant pumpkins :-)

I went out to have a look at the back garden last night, mostly to see if the slugs were taking over (they are) I might have to go on another mission tonight to liberally apply slug pellets (I know it isn't good but its either that or we will have no crop). Over the back fence has invited us to take as many apples as we can (an offer I will be taking her up on, have no fear) and dropped round some acorns for me to plant last night. I had planted some when I was very young but these were given to uncle Julian and now all the acorn trees around my house seem to have a disease that's making the acorns themselves soft, time, I think to plant some more.

Today's picture is of the Character James Murray from under the greenwood tree, he has more than a passing resembelence to he who shall not be named (who I saw yesterday driving out of work in a wee corsa type thing which was bright blue), while I looked miserable at the bus stop afraid that I would miss vast quantities of my violin lesson, I didn't and its fine. He who shall not be named lives in Wantage and so here in his honour are two interesting facts about Wantage
In Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy Wantage is the town reffered to in the book as Alfredston, Wantage was the home of the poet John Betjamin. Intresting huh? I'm not sure I've ever been there so might make that a priority before winter proper sets in.

I can't believe that is a mere two days till I get to meet Hugh, if its weather like this down here who knows what the weather is like further south. Wellies may be called for I fear.

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