Thursday 17 July 2008

To bee or not to bee

Morning! Yesterday was a bit of a mincy day but I have recovered sufficiently to greet today with a smile. The title of this post refer to two things. Firstly that I have to phone the bee lady to see when I can next go and see Queen Elizabeth the 1st (my queen) and the girls and boys. The second is that I've just been asked to go to Stratford upon Avon to see the gorgeous David Tennant in Love's Labour's Lost. Despite being an English graduate I've never ever been to Stratford so I'm hoping this hasn't sold out already!

Violin last night went okay, I told Robin my tutor my plan to reach grade 8 and then teach, he nearly fell over with shock and insisted I leave the room and tell his wife, so amazed was he. He then started on the rather more serious (and boring subject) of how much work it would be, how much more practice I will have to put in and how I can't rely on my 'natural abilities' any longer. Well that has told me! It appears I might have to do actual practice from here on in...

Work at the moment is still really busy and I've got one of my editors coming in today but thankfully nothing that major is happening tonight so I've got to finish off something that I was knitting for a friend, finish off some glass painting and make sure I pull out a very pesky weed which is lurking down the side passage of our house and causing problems. Witchcat keeps on coming in with its seeds stuck in her fur and when I went out to take the rubbish out this morning all its seeds stuck to my boots, which was very annoying. I've also apparently got two parcels at the post office to pick up, I wonder what they could be?

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