Wednesday 16 July 2008

Gin, gin, gin

No self sufficiency whatsoever last night as instead on a Tuesday I attend rapper practice in a little village hall in the middle of North Morton. Last night was no exception and I went along, as usual the girls were all in high spirits and had indeed brought high spirits with them in the form of saffron gin. Now I'm not the biggest gin drinker in the world (although the house of Rose Sloe Gin does pack quite a punch) but our rapper side are famous for their appreciation of this particular liquid coupled with large quantities of cake (your beginning to see why I joined aren't you?) and I wondered when was the next time I was likely to come across saffron gin? I tried it. This was on reflection a bad move, it tasted like the mother's ruin touted in most supermarkets aimed at underage drinkers. Plus it was orange and so I felt quite ill for the rest of practice, but hey, I lived to see another day.

The rapper side however may not, we are being kicked out of our current place of practice because they are re-doing the floor and (probably rightly) don't want us messing it up. I agree that you can see where been dancing as the floor is worn but surely that is the point of floors, to be used? Otherwise we'd have all learnt to fly by now. The team at the moment travel a fair way to practice as there aren't that many rapper dancers or sides to be found these days and North Moreton was originally picked as its in roughly the middle of where everyone comes from. The other thing I find slightly annoying is that the side has always practiced in North Morton and indeed is named after a local woman [The name Mabel Gubbins was discovered, by the founding members of the team, on a tombstone in the village graveyard. A little prying into local history revealed that she had been the landlady of the local pub (despite being a staunch teetotaller herself!?)] So by moving us on they are destroying the history of the team as well (the side has been going for 10 long years now, although I've only been a member for 1) . Right I'll stop ranting now as there is nothing I can do about it we have to move no matter what we do. Grrrr. Violin practice tonight I'm hopeful that my results might have come through but I think its a bit early, will keep you posted.

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