Friday 18 July 2008

Mystery parcels revealed

Went to the post office last night to pick up my parcels and it was a book on canal/barge ware which I'd ordered from Amazon (the eventual thought was to do a new number sign for the house with a rose theme) and my drop spindle, which it turns out is made by Ashford the very people who's spinning wheel I was eyeing up the other day (the model is Elizabeth 2, google it, its gorgeous and just like a fairytale spinning wheel, which is what I've always wanted) however I digress. The plan in the short term is to learn how to spin using this drop spindle (I was reading the instructions last night and as usual they seemed quite complicated). My best friend Fi spins though and is very good at it so I'm hoping me & my drop spindle can turn to her for some lessons.

Robin thinks that my violin results will be in today but has vowed he will not tell me till my lesson on Monday. I had a very worrying dream last night that I had failed but other parts of the dream were completely surreal (I was being forced to marry Bellowheads manager by my father, trust me this would never happen), so I'm hoping its just nerves and not some premonition!

This weekend is truck festival (so called because it started with a stage built on the back of a truck) so I will be heading off to Steventon to listen to so great music and catch up with some friends. If I wasn't going to that I would have definitely headed off to the folk proms in the park which Bellowhead are performing at, but alas it clashes. On Sunday I shall be heading off to see Queen Elizabeth & the rest of the bees and hopefully we can take some honey from them this week. I'll let you know on Monday. Oh and fear not the issue of weeds from yesterdays post has been addressed. Vikki 1 - seedy weed 0 (it is now residing in the compost bin :-)

1 comment:

Fi said...

Goodness me, I thought you only dreamed of Boden! (I shan't say anything tomorrow...;o)

Yes yes! Spindling is most enjoyable, you'll pick it up in no time!


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