Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hard at work

Hard at work
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So this is one of my little spider friends hard at work in our garden at the weekend. It also forms one of the series of photos just uploaded to my Flickr page taken by Suzi last weekend. All the photos look really great but I think my favourite ones of the random things lying about my house that Suzi though were subject worthy. As the title of the post suggests I am hard at work, alas paid work (with the run up to Christmas the dreaded publishers year end syndrome is in full swing). I'm still very much out of action with my foot but I'm using the spare time to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while rather than knitting (Progress on the shawl is still coming along slowly , however my knitting group have more than made up for my lack of progress, Scarlett has nearly finished all her Christmas knits (there is comitment) and Nicola must be congratulated on the completion of her first Darlek (and a very ine Darlek he is too!)).

My football team spring into action again tomorrow, after much hard thinking I've decided it would be churlish, ney silly, to risk hurting myself more (that and the fact that I tried to run on my foot on Monday and it really, really hurt, I'm thinking if I can't even run football might be somewhat of a challange :-) Right that's it for now, a fuller update should be forthcoming tomorrow but now its time to go & find a nice cup of tea...

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