Monday, 13 October 2008

Sweet treats this weekend

So this weekend passed in a bit of a blur. Friday night I went out to what is fast becoming my local, the Brewery Tap in Abingdon, went to catch up with Amy L and the gang from books. We had one of those evenings where the conversation is very fast & witty and I have to say by 10pm I had had it (I think a toughish week at work didn't help) so went home to bed. Sat morning got up, did some house work & then round to Hartley's for the England game. Hartley's house is really nice, it used to be the horse & Jockey pub but its been converted into a rather swish set of flats and feels like a grown up space, whereas our house just feels a bit random (we'll get there, but not any time soon). I took a change of clothes & makeup with me so just after the England game I could hop onto a bus and get to Louise's birthday party (being held at Mario's in Oxford). Ate there, caught up with Louise (looking very swish as usual) & then onto the new George & Danvers (George and Daisys I think its called). I was still too full for Ice cream so stole some of Louise's wild cherry, most delicious. Ran up the high for the last bus. Home.

Sunday morning neighbours woke me up, they had got my bargain new shoes (bought them on the net, didn't mind getting woken up for that), they are beautiful, a sort of teal velvet with silver spots on (sounds awful, but they are very lovely). Obviously can't wear them for another 3 weeks but very much looking forward to when I can. Suzi came round at 10.30 and we enjoyed a high tea with fondant fancies in the garden, she also brought a camera so hopefully a few shots of the various things going on in monior du Rose should be appearing on this blog very soon (I have to say Suzi is a brilliant photographer, she has that rare ability to capture a moment perfectly on film). For lunch we whipped up a squash & sweet potato soup featuring the cutest little squash ever (It was an absolute bugger to get the skin off though, but worth it in the end). Suzi had to rush off quite early as she was having tea at someone elses so I set about de-weeding the front garden, we now look kind of respectable (it won't last). Over the back fence came round with some passion flower seeds which she'd found and I traded for two small cucumbers, she has kept some of the seeds so there is now serious competition over who can grow theirs the fastest. The olive tree has just produced its first olives and also to my delight I think the monkey puzzle seeds that I acquired from the castle arboretum are growing (I've got to google what to do with them in a mo). So even though it is nearly winter we are doing quite well with our crops (oh the lemon tree it turns out is in fact a lime, I would have been waiting a long time for lemons had I not discovered this) all the more perfect for G&T's...

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