Friday, 17 October 2008

Mabel cat

Mabel cat
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I'm not sure Mabel has made an actual appearance on this blog before now (although she is mentioned quite frequently). Here she is giving Suzi's camera the eye last weekend. Although she is over a year old now she's still quite small. I realised quite how small when I went to Beth's last night. Beth has a georgous ginger & white cat called Bailey, but alas he had been out fighting and was pretty bloodied up when we got home.

Last night apart from fighting cats was really nice. Beth had been out to local organic hot spot Q gardens and bought us a pie, some leeks and local (or as my mum calls them 'dirty') carrots. We sat in the living room enjoying a glass or two of wine, eating the hearty fair and watching very strange, but happy film, Willow. The main topic of conversation was dresses. The date for he Christmas party has just been announced, last year I had just started making my bridesmaids dress and by a fluke of luck managed to finish it in time to give it a test run at the Christmas party (I was really worried about the hem but it survived). A simular fluke of luck seems to have befallen me this year when I went into the local fabric shop and the material that I had been admiring for weeks (and was 18 quid a meter, hence why I resisted) was included in their remenant sale. I'm hoping I've just got just enough to squeeze an evening dress out of it. I'm going on the hunt for patterns this weekend so watch this space.... Right to the football, I'm hoping for a victory in both games this week but as all I can do (due to the foot, still) is cheer from the sidelines, we shall see...

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