Thursday, 24 May 2012

The wedding of Ben and Jiwon

So being the main reason we went to Korea a couple of days after we flew out was the wedding of Ben and Jiwon. The bride looked spectacular in an English style traditional gown:
(it fitted her perfectly and the back was gorgeous)
the groom looked equally dashing
Both set of parents looked lovely and very proud

and the best man well....
Jam got an email the day before the ceremony asking that as well as doing the announcements in English would he mind wearing Korean dress? (borrowed off the best woman's husband, so they matched). I think he rose to the challenge beautifully. Here are the 4 of us just after the ceremony.
Happily I managed to get hold of a butterfly dress, its more beautiful in the flesh but as pictures are all I have here is a close up of me larking about with Phoebe's (Ben's nieces) abandoned headband
Although my dress was lovely I was definitely outdressed (fittingly by the bride in her second outfit) 

(isn't it lovely, matches the flowers perfectly, it looked so delicate on her, perfect). So raise your glasses of wine, mugs of tea, whichever is closest to Ben & Jiwon

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