Wednesday 23 May 2012

The temple (but not of doom)

So the day after we flew into Korea Ben hired a car and we headed off to look at the north side (not the real north but a bit closer than Seoul). The car journey out there took about 2 hours but the scenery was really interesting all the way. When we got there we caught a ferry across to the island.
When we got to the ot other side the landscape looked like all rock with trees perching on the top of it.
Round the beach there was this big concrete barrier on which people had stood piles of rocks (seemed like a similar feeling to a cairn (Pronunciation: \ˈkern\
Etymology: Middle English (Scots) carne, from Scottish Gaelic carn; akin to Old Irish & Welsh carn cairn Date: 15th century: a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark.
Anyway the towers of rocks continued all the way from the shore (pointy rocks) to the river (smooth rocks). Also by the river (aswell as many black silk spinning catapillas) we found this 
So princess & a snake. We carried on walking up the slope
 and finally arrived at the temple 
There were some beautiful black butterflies flying around the flowers at the summit (the result of all those caterpillars perhaps but they were just too quick for my camera and didn't seem to want to settle on anything. Still the Buddhas were waiting at the top for us. It was a fantastic day and even though we were tired from the flight I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 


Jayne said...

Oh that sounds amazing. Black butterflies, trees on rocks, a temple of beautiful colours. What a fab adventure you are on! Safe travels. x

Vikki said...

It was indeed lovely, well & truely back in blighty now though!


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