Thursday 15 December 2011

Many many cakes

We had a birthday to celebrate this week as well as Christmas calories to consume, Jam turned 28 (or as he prefers to think about it 18 &10) so I made him a chocolate birthday cake filled with chocolate chips and complete with chocolate icing. The night of his actual birthday we went out for a meal at his local restaurant so no cake was required but the cake got eaten later that week   
Yet again I had problems with my icing lettering but it did work out okay in the end. My cake skills however pale into comparison next to our neighbour (and former landlady) Trisha. Trish has made 2 wedding cakes this year and with time and icing on her hands got to work on this lot. This was the cake she made for her family
Whereas these three were all presents. 
I got to choose one and it had to be this guy, the snowman (how cute is he!) 
Just to put it into perspective here is an undecorated one.
What a lady!

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