Thursday 16 June 2011

Stuff I have been accumulating recently

I'm on a bit of a mission to save money to buy a new violin, this mostly involves some very thrify but fun dates (ice skating and ice cream anyone? or ready steady cook from the larder/freezer (this could have turned into a 3 course banquet so well stocked are my supplies). As usual the fates are taking no notice of my money saving intentions and are putting beautiful things under my nose... This beautiful (and hopefully working) oil lamp was in our local Oxfam shop (I was in there donating my old three quarter size cello) . I've been looking for an oil lamp for ages, but all the ones I came across at antiques shops were a bit twee and or small, this one however is perfect. Behind it is a scarf that my violin teacher brought back from the Fjords (he and his wife went on a cruise, I stayed home and looked after their budgie Guy, who enjoys whistling and listening to classic FM (?!?). Jam bought me this lovely purple houseplant (it was purple, reminded me of you (awwww)) when taking the photo I tried to get witchcat to look at the camera but she remains her usual blurry self. In searching various antique stores for oil lamps we came across these very cool steampunk bracelets made from old watches. How awesome are they? I want them all and the lady who makes them is local. This could be VERY dangerous. Last but not least last weekend we were invited over to a friends for dinner, as well as taking the usual nice bottle of red I decided to make some of my barmaids rum truffles. I fogot how much I enjoyed making sweets so have ordered a new entirely sweetie based recipe book. Have you spotted any bargains lately? Any new favourite items acquired?

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