Monday 27 June 2011

Jam making jam/one man and his pan

So this weekend (on the non hot day) we gathered a whole load of the redcurrants that had been adorning the back fence picked them, destalked them and the added them to a giant jam pan to let the Jam make jam. If you've never made your own jam, you are missing a treat, not only does it taste much much better but its also really easy. You start with a whole lot of fruit and 1Kg of sugar, a pan big enough and a cooker (some advocate a sugar thermometer as well but if you understand the term 'rolling boil' I think you can probably do without). Heat the fruit and sugar stirring together till the sugar dissolves into the fruit and then add 200ml of water (some add more but I like my jam fruity and also this amount doesn't upset the set of the jam). When it's coming up to the boil take the lids of your jars and put them on a baking tray and into the over at about 150c for 20 mins. After 10 mins of rolling boil take a small spoonful and pour onto a cold plate. Within 2 mins or so you should get a skin/set on it a bit like jelly. If it is still liquid boil for a few more mins and then try again with a new plate. If it does make like jelly you are ready to pour into jars (being v. careful as the jars will still be Once divided into jars leave to cool down completely before putting the lids on and voila, like the Jam you should have jam (ours is technically jelly I believe as we strained all impurities out so it was clear and gem like, cause it is for presents and hey it looks pretty, awwww).

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