Saturday 10 April 2010

A very strange sports award

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For the 2nd year in a row I see to have won our football award for best kit. My original idea was nicked from this article in the face (yes secretly I always wanted to be one of those icy blondes in the locker room. Failing that I would have settled for the Dorothy character from Gregory’s girl (yeah how cool was she? Say not more...) however sadly I looked like neither of these people. I started playing football on the mixed playground at school as quite a few of my friends were lads and we used to play with a tennis ball (gives you quick reactions, you don’t want to get hit on a fleshy part with that!). My football skills were then used at University when I played for the county girls team (coached by an angry Scotsman called Andy, his main goal was to get us to win something, the main goal of our captain (Lozza) was to organise as many social events as possible, hence we never really did that well). But both these events stood me in excellent stead for joining the mixed teams at work. The 2nd year I was involved I was a team captain and my team (the whirlwind tiger clan of doom) did pretty poorly, only being rescued by my next season in charge of Big Guns & Roses (who finished second) . This year however it was double glory Hartleypool united (the team I was on, I gave up the captaincy lark when I got promoted due to time constraints) came first (here we are smiling winningly around Captain Dan Hartley (middle, well we were supposed to be smiling winningly, dunno what I was doing) and below is a photo of my award and also the secret weapons that helped me win it, gonna have to think of a new twist on kit for next season, at the moment I’m thinking take the lead from Morris and go with bells...

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