Monday 15 February 2010

Yes I will be your valentine

I have to admit being a currently single girl the thought of Valentines day does not fill me with joy, however all that changed this year and a brilliant time was had. First of all on the 13th Feb (Saturday) OXFOLK was graced by the brilliant (and still startlingly young) What's up Folk. The band originated from the music department at John Mason's School (taught by my fantastic and very talented friend Rachel) and have since gone on to play such legendary venues as the Oxford Folk Festival and their school hall (currently being used by my new Morris side for practicing purposes, but that is an entirely different post). The turn out was the hightest number of dancers we've ever had at OXFOLK (I think the fact that Fi Lock was calling may have influenced this slightly, but not significantly). We also enjoyed the very colourful (and slightly scary) gog magog molly dancers from Cambridge during the interval.

Ceilidh over and done I spent the early part of Sunday recovering on sleep and then headed round to Fi's for valentine's cakes & scones. Auntie Sandy & Chris were already there and I finally managed to pass on their Christmas present (Auntie Sandy was ill over Christmas so we didn't see them). The early part of the afternoon was spent looking at campsites near to ottery st mary for beautiful days (which is the festival organised by the Levellers that we visit every year). Last year we set off really early but still found outselves nearly at the back of the Campervan field (not ideal for Fi & Nick with baby Alex and his buggy), so this year the decision has been taken to drive down the night before and camp close to the festival. The criteria for choosing the campsite was pretty basic, it needed to be near the festival and close proximity to a pub was required (I can't think why...). We managed to find one that satisfied both of these requirements so we are booked in (need to get my ticket bought ASAP). A celebratory scone with butter and jam was consumed by all present and then the final additions to our jolly valentines party arrived, the very lovely Dan and Bec and their latest addition Freya.

I've got to say I am absolutely in awe of Bec & Dan, they live on a canal boat (complete with cat) which is moored in croperdy. When Bec found out she was pregnant they didn't really consider moving into bricks and mortar just adapted the boat accordingly, which I think it just fab. I hadn't seen Freya since she was born but she is beautiful (def got her mum's eyes) I'd already got some material ready to make her a summer dress so now having checked her size with Bec will have to get on with making it. So here we all are, the happy party enjoying some valentines cupcakes made by the very lovely Fi. What a great weekend!

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