Saturday 9 January 2010

Snow in Oxfordshire

So this week the snow came to Oxfordshire (here is my beautiful residance in the snow, awwww). And my goodness it really did snow! I ventured out on Wednesday morning and it was up to my knees, my knees! So subsequently I didn't go into work on Wednesday (oh no) and we enjoyed an official snow day instead. I made the mos of it with a bit of a lie in, did a tiny bit of work from home & then Fi gave me a ring & asked if I wanted to go and play with her and Alex in the snow. Did I? Did I ever! So I donned wellies, a very unattractive but practical hat and headed on over to hers. Here is her & Alex in the snow.
The plan was always to build a snowman but Alex has never seen snow on this scale before so we weren't sure what he was going to make of it. In the end however it turned out that we needn't have worried. Alex was fine in the snow but was less keen on the 'building snowman plan'. So it ended up with one of us holding his hand (in case of slippages) and the other packing snow like crazy. After a bit of hard work we got ended up with the below deviant snowman (its a bottle of snoman's revenge that he is holding, completely Fi's idea).
After our messing about outside it was back indoors to get warm and inbibe a thimble full if sloe gin (to warm to the places that heating alone cannot reach). It would seem however the snowman reaked the ultimate revenge as it appears to have stolen one of Fi's Hohners!

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