Tuesday 5 January 2010

Happy Birthday to Dave

Here he is my long suffering housemate Dave turning 26 (thus making him the same age as me and preventing him from using the phrase 'old' in conjuction with me for 7 months, hurrah!)and blowing his candles out. I had made him a cake and was putting my finishing touches to the icing when he returned from his parents last night. He seemed genuinely confused when I told him he wasn't allowed in the kitchen but thankfully the mess created by making buttercream icing and spelling out Happy Birthday in hundreds and thousands (yes it did take quite some time) was soon cleared away. The next morning we awoke about the same time (I think he realised he wasn't going to get his present till evening if he didn't get up (he usually gets up about 9 while I'm out with the lark at 6am)). We had birthday cake for breakfast (he swears this is the first cake that has ever been made for him (I shall be calling his mother)) and seemed genuinely delighted with his zebra t-shirt a (a la Brett from flight ofthe conchords) and handmade card from me, and his many flavoured jellybeans from witchcat. Then it was off to work (I have never understood people who work through their birthdays, I always have the day off, but there you go). Then it was home for some more cake (double chocolate) happy birthday Dave!

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