Saturday 25 July 2009

Truck fest

We went, we saw and we had an awesome time. This pretty much sums up this weekend’s experience at the Truck festival. The morning started with quite a leisurely pace Dave & I both getting a reasonable lie in (& quite a few cups of tea) before starting the cycle to Steveton. Dave is a bit of a biking enthusiast & I was pretty sure that he was going to speed off and leave me huffing & puffing behind him. This prediction turned out to be quite accurate, so it was a good job we had agreed to stop at cafĂ© Gia’s on the way there (below is Dave heartily enjoying one of their famous breakfast baps).

Breakfast over it was time for the rest of the cycle. We finally reached the site at about 11am just in time to have a quick look round & decide who we wanted to see for the afternoon. On the way to the beer tent we bumped into my friend Mark who is currently drumming for a band called From light to sound. This is them in action
They were in fact so good that I am a proud owner of one of their numbered ep’s. Most excellent! We wandered around for a bit looking at some of the stalls and seeing quite a few bands (not really anyone worth mentioning here, they were all good, just not quite my cup of tea…) before accidentally stumbling across Ash in the signing tent (I must have been quite annoying at this point as I kept repeating Dave it Ash, look Dave Ash! but to be fair they were pretty much my idols when I was younger & they were just sat there!). Wasn’t brave enough to go ask for a signature so took a surreptitious photo (included below)and ran away. Once I’d calmed down we made our way over to the tent near the bar to catch the fantastic Stornoway (band not the island, I apologise in advance for these photo’s the tent was rammed and I am pretty small). They were in front of a home crowd and although the sound wasn’t great the band really threw themselves into the set, it was just brilliant.

All too soon it was over, so I was really pleased when I managed to bag a copy of their first single Zorbing on 7’’ on the way out of the tent. We sat & enjoyed food from the round table food stall (Pasta with great big chunks of goats cheese for me and Dave had yet more fried stuff, yuk!) and then spotted the truly awesome truck monster.

Darkness fell & Ash came on, the set was great, they basically played all the hits plus a couple of their new singles (apparently the band have come up with a cunning new plan to revive singles sales, they are releasing 27 singles in a year, each with a limited run of 1000 copies worldwide) it was great & totally took me back to sixth form when I really did think I was gonna be able to get away with playing guitar for a living….

What a great festival, if you live in Oxfordshire you should def keep an eye on this website as I believe the Truck gang are planning more events just as great as Truck throughout the year.

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