Wednesday 22 July 2009

Touch down

So back on English soil for my first full week. Alarmingly its only Wednesday & I'm cream crackered already (I think its all the intense catching up I'm trying to do). Fortunately all the deadlines I was panicking about before I went away were met and I'm starting to see the results. Firstly the article that the knitting group wrote ages ago is now in print. Yes rush to your news agent and demand this month's knit today, we are lurking near the back I'm really proud of my girls. The lovely folks at knit today also sent us a big bag of single balls of wool which I'll be handing out at the knit meeting tomorrow. Second up (and also publishing related) my 10 top gigs article is in this months Ice Cream for Quo, which is a brilliant issue (as random as usual, but all the better for it). My birthday present has arrived early (its a second hand desk that my parents have bought me). This hopefully means that instead of lieing awake at 2am with writers block/the urge to make a garment/piece of jewelry I can slink off to my desk, without disturbing long suffering housemate Dave from his slumber. Fourthly (and indeed finally) Captain hook made his debut in the coat of much pain (the pattern was so so wrong). Below are some photo's,the first one is of me wearing it (might have to work on the pirate wench look) and the second s the man himself. Sadly I haven't got a photo of the amazing last minuite bunting but I got a really nice thank you note from the wardrobe mistress. Hurrah!
But as they say there is no rest for the wicked, I got the official email from work today to say I've been accepted on a volenteer scheme to build council houses in Liverpool (its happening in September, I hope I can do my best for them, I've never been to Liverpool before, it's exciting!). Tonigh after my lesson Robin also bought round the cello that he bought for me (£40 in a junk shop, it's not the prettiest thing in the entire world but the sound it makes is us lovely, so much richer than the violin). So I think a few nights practice in with that could be in order. That's not going to happen this weekend however, as I'm doing sound for a gig at farmers choice of pub The North Star on Friday and its Steveton's finest Truck festival this weekend as well ( Dave and I are only going for the Sat this year for financial reasons but it should be a good one! I've also got to try & see he new Harry Potter flm at some point I've missed loads of the later ones & I really want to have a good look at the costumes.
There is of course all the normal stuff to do, garden to weed, veg to take care of, jam to make, bees to check. Italy was fantastic but I have to say its good to be home!

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